18. Dayton, Ohio.

I made this for Sufjan. I hope he sees it eventually.

Christmas, bros.
Here is an accurate representation of myself in the modern day.

 너의 무게, Weight of you by Daehyun Kim

Mac Demarco
Oh shiiiiiiiit.
Cady in the fall.
Summer time = short hair again
Hiya! I really really love your cat tattoo, I was just wondering, how did you get a sketch of your cat like that? I want to get a tattoo just like it but of my cat, I just don't know how to draw it! :( did you sketch or use an online thing???

Thank you! I sent a photo of my cat to the girl that was going to tattoo me and all she did was make a simple line drawing of the photo. Make sure to tell the artist exactly how you want it done. You could use mine as an example, if you wish! Good luck.

New ink. 
Otis is my baby, so I put him on my arm.

Transparent Grumpy Cat (TIME photoshoot)Made by Totally Transparent

Grumpy cat gets a professional photo shoot at Time.